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The fussy little mouse



Una actriz

45 minutos

Aforo máximo: 120 espectadores

La actriz Eva Torres, titulada por el Professional Theatre Training Program de la Universidad de  Milwaukee –Wisconsin (EE.UU.), interpreta el fantástico cuento de "La ratita presumida" de Hans Christian Andersen.

Once upon a time there was a little mouse who would sweep in front of her house every single morning. This little mouse, who was very clean and tidy, spent hours a day at her task.

Often it would happen that, just when she thought she had finished her task, a little leaf or a stick would fall from a tree, or a bird would shed a feather as it flew by. So she would start all over again.

Sometimes sweeping in front of her house could become a never ending chore.

One day the little mouse, who was really very fussy, found a golden coin while she was sweeping in front of her house.

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